Timeless design.

When you purchase our products you are acquiring classics. Wear them with pleasure for all occassions, to dress up alluringly or soulfully casual. The products can easily become your favorite pieces. They will accompany you for years to come. 


Designed to be cherished and valued creations for yourself or, as an esteemed gift.


Our influence come from the northern degrees to "Tierra del Fuego" (Land of fire). From the first Lilljequist who left the finnish archipelago to live in west coast Sweden, an entrepenuer.  Later ancestors were sailors, mining foreman, translators,  philanthropists, devoted geologists & stonecutters. All travellers, intertwining with the world from north to south.

Our business idea is the result of journey´s, combined with personal experiences of living abroad, travelling and meetings with societies from all over. Places, cultures, traditions, attributes all are admired. Our aim is to share and promote these different but all so exceptional products and ideas.

The Lilljequist way of living.