How do I become a retailer?

If you would like to purchase our products please contact us on sales@lilljequist.com or use the link below

Contact Us.

Where do the stones derivate from?

We import our stones mainly from Asia and South America.


If I would like to know more about the different mineral and crystal qualities (scientifically). How do I inform myself?

At LILLJEQUIST we have a Dr. Geologist who gladly answer your query. Send an email to robert@lilljequist.com

How is the jewelry prduced?

We design and manufacture our own jewelry. "Made in Sweden". The stones which are cut are ordered and in that way before we put the piece together.


How do I know that the piece I ordered is unique?

Depending on which collection you pick your piece from there is firstly description to read.

For ex. In Rock collection all the stones are uncut, therefor unique. We search for the best matching pair for cosmetic purposes but if you inspect they will not be exactly the same. Whether as in the Kismet collection the stones are cut, but even so when looked in a light one can see the individual stones different characters.

The stones grow for a long period of time they are by themselves unique in width, form & colour depending of where and under which circumstances they are created. Also how they are extracted can make a difference.